If the brand is not responding to your submitted content:

AspireIQ automatically approves the submitted content after 3 business days if the brand hasn't reviewed it by then. We recommend waiting until your content has been approved by our system before setting it live.  The brand is aware of the policy and this will avoid any future payment disputes down the road. 

My post date is coming up but I haven't received the product yet. What should I do?

No worries! If you still haven't received the product(s), you're not expected to produce content yet. I recommend following up with the brand to see if they can provide a tracking number. You can also go back to the collaboration terms to extend the deadline. The changes will alert the brand and hopefully get the ball rolling. This also won't jeopardize your profile from seeing other opportunities. 

The brand I was working with canceled the campaign after I created content, what now? 

We apologize for the inconvenience. Brands usually cancel the collaboration due to internal issues out of our control. This won't jeopardize your rating with future opportunities on the platform. 

I've been asked to revise my content: 

We understand and appreciate the hard work you put into the content. However, these requested changes are usually small.  The brand only wants to make sure your content checks off all the guidelines. For what it is worth, the majority of revised content gets approved so no need to be nervous about sending it in again.

If the brand asks to revise the content again and it meets all the terms, you are free to decline. 

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