We take several factors into account when we review profiles. If you have not received a confirmation email within 1-2 business days, it could be because the social account was flagged for the following reasons: 

  • Low Engagement: The social account does not meet our social media requirements for opportunities on the platform
  • Themed: This is when 50% or more of your content is repurposed and not original
  • Unusual Engagement: The ratio for engagement (such as likes to comments) isn't quite what brands normally look for
  • Explicit:  When more than 30% of the content on the creator's feed involved half/full nudity. 
  • Not Enough Posts: We require at least a minimum of 50 posts on Instagram, 20 videos on Youtube and 10 blog posts 

Are you meeting the social media requirements? Requirements include: 

  • Instagram - a minimum of 2500 followers and at least 400 average likes/post  
  • Facebook - a minimum of 10K likes
  • Twitter - a minimum of 5K followers 
  • Pinterest - a minimum of 10,000 views
  • Blogs - 3,000 monthly views and at least 1K followers
  • YouTube - 2500 average views and at least 3000 subscribers

Still feel something isn’t right? Reach out and we'll take a second look.

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