We take several factors into account when we review profiles. If your account was not approved, it could be because your social account was flagged for the following reasons: 

  • Low Engagement: The social account does not meet our social media requirements for opportunities on the platform

  • Themed: This is when 50% or more of your content is repurposed and not original

  • Unusual Engagement: The ratio for engagement (such as likes to comments) isn't quite what brands normally look for

  • Explicit:  When more than 30% of the content on the creator's feed involved half/full nudity

  • Not Enough Posts: We require at least a minimum of 30 posts on Instagram, 20 videos on Youtube, and 10 blog posts 

  • Age: We require creators to be at least 18 years of age to use our platform.

In order to apply for campaigns, your social account(s) must meet the following engagement requirements (based on industry benchmarks for each platform):

  • Instagram - a minimum of 2,500 followers, at least 350 average likes/post, and more than 30 posts

  • Facebook - a minimum of 10K likes

  • Twitter - a minimum of 5K followers 

  • Pinterest (Business) - a minimum 10K unique monthly viewers

  • Blogs - 3,000 monthly views and at least 1K followers

  • YouTube - 2,500 average views and at least 3K subscribers

  • TikTok - a minimum of 1,000 followers

If you meet our minimum requirements but were not approved or cannot view campaigns, it is possible that your content does not align with the current campaign opportunities on our platform. Please note that while Aspire has requirements for creators to join our platform, brands are also able to set their own requirements, which may be different from or stricter than ours.

Still feel something isn’t right? Reach out to us at [email protected] and we'll take a second look 😊

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