After your brand is set up on Aspire, you will begin to create a campaign. Creating a campaign simply means that your brand will fill out a profile that creators will see when you do outreach through the Connect tab, and set the proper parameters for what creators you want to have access to that profile.

  1. Profile Details: This is the page that will be sent to creators that your brand has shown interest in working with using Connect. The Aspire team recommends for your profile details to be a conversational tool. Making your profile details more conversational makes the outreach process overall easier to get in touch with creators.

 2. Eligibility Restrictions: "Eligibility Restrictions" are simply the average number of followers/subscribers the creator has and likes per post a creator is receiving plus the country that the creator is from.

3.  Recommendation Preferences: Recommendation Preferences is the type of creator you are looking for. The Aspire platform gives you everything from the categories creators fall under to the size of following and engagement they have. Change all the fields to make the search easy to find the ideal creators your brand is looking to work with.

4. Creator Management: Creator Management is a tool that simplifies product selection (if your collaboration includes free product) and allows your brand to have an automatic response ready for any creator who submits a proposal to your campaign.

Once your campaign goes live, the only section you can make changes to is step 1, Profile Details. If your brand feels that it is necessary to make changes to steps 2-4 contact your Aspire campaign success manager. 

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