What are Instagram Insights?

Instagram Insights is the interface that allows us to collect detailed information about a creator’s posts, audience, and IG Stories data.

Why do I need Instagram Insights?

We use Instagram Insights to ensure that you have more data in your Analytics to understand how your campaign is performing in terms of:

  • Actual impressions

  • Audiences reached by gender and country

  • IG story reporting (Views and unique views)

Without this data, your analytics report will be less complete.

Why are we blocked from moving forward on our collab?

You’re about to spend product, time, and possibly budget on a collab with this creator. You’ve indicated to us that having complete data on those efforts is important to you. As a result, we want to make sure to block those major investments on making sure we have the proper authorizations from the creator to be able to deliver that data to you.

If you are okay to allow creators to skip this step and understand this may lead to incomplete reporting, you can hit the “Skip this Step” button. The creator can still authorize their account directly with Aspire, but it will no longer be asked for as part of this collab.

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