How to migrate your Pinterest personal account to a business account

If you are a Pinterest creator, we want to ensure that our brands can discover your amazing Pinterest content and invite you to collaborate. In order for the brand to do so, we’ll need all Personal Pinterest accounts to migrate a Business account.

The benefits of making this switch are as followed:

  • Share your pin stat data with our brands so they can know how well your pins perform

  • Increased control over measuring your content’s performance on Pinterest

  • Profile, audience, and website analytics on Pinterest

  • Easy + Free! 

If all of that sounds like something you’re interested in, please follow the steps below to link your Pinterest account and unlock more collaboration opportunities!

Step 1: Go to and log in to your Pinterest account

Step 2: After login, click the “Continue” button to proceed

Step 3: Name your business account and choose the category of your account

Step 4: Complete! Once your account is successfully converted, you will see Analytics and Monthly viewers in the top-left corner.

To learn more about the benefits of converting to a Business Account, check out the “business” tab of Pinterest Help or contact Aspire’s support team at [email protected]

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