Why use AspireIQ’s unlimited analytics solution? 

  • Monitor all of your creator’s performance in one centralized dashboard. Measure the performance of your creators with powerful metrics including “likes” comments, audience demographics, views and more.
  • Listen to your community. Track all of your brand’s mention and know when your community talks about your brand and your product — and gain insights into their feedback
  • Discover trending influencers who love your brand. Identify social influencers and industry thought leaders who have mentioned your brand and cultivate relationships with new brand advocates and ambassadors. 

Why do I have to authorize access to my business Instagram/Facebook account?

By connecting your business Instagram, AspireIQ’s unlimited analytics solution will be able to monitor your campaign’s success by capturing influencer metrics, including “likes,” in one centralized dashboard. 

How do I authorize access to my business Instagram/Facebook account?

Users that wish to authorize access will simply need to click “Connect my Instagram account” to trigger authorization.  Users that wish to authorize should have either of the following permissions:

  • If your brand Instagram account is linked to a Facebook page, the user should be the owner or an Admin on that page.
  • If your brand Instagram account is linked to Facebook business manager, the user should be set up with permission to “Moderate Comments”.

If you need support, email: [email protected]

What access am I granting AspireIQ when I authorize my business Instagram account?

We only request:

  • instagram_basic
  • instagram_manage_comments
  • Pages_show_list

If I change my Instagram/Facebook password will I have to give access again?

No, you only need to give us access once. 

Will we get any historical coverage?

We currently look at the last 5,000 posts mentioning your brand once you have authorized access.

Who will I be able to see posts from? 

You will be able to track influential posts (creators with a following of 2500 or more / an average of 400 likes or more per post) of creators that have tagged or mentioned you in a post. 

Will I be able to track celebrities mentioning my brand?

Yes, mentions from celebrities will be captured. 

Will it monitor my brand mention in Instagram stories?

No, Facebook does not provide access to mentions in Instagram Stories.  

*Privacy Access Information:

By giving AspireIQ access to your Instagram/Facebook Business account, we will not access your password, content or data. We can not post from your page, or misuse your account. AspireIQ does not store or use passwords for authorization.

Navigating Unlimited Analytics:

What is EMV and how is it calculated? 

Market values are assigned to interactions with posts such as potential impressions, comments, likes, etc and then added together to fully calculate EMV. 

How is the engagement rate calculated? 

Likes + comments / reach (sum of the total number of followers attributed to each post) = engagement rate. 

Can I toggle by top-performing creators? 

Yes, in the Analyze tab, click Creators. When you are in this view you can easily find your top performers by toggling which creators media value is highest, highest engagement rate, who has mentioned you most in a posts, and much more. 

Can I toggle by top-performing posts? 

Yes, in the Analyze tab, click Posts. When you are in this view you can find which posts within a specific date range earned the highest media value, had the highest engagement rate, and much more. See Screenshot below: 

Can I track my follower growth? 

Yes, in the Analyze tab, click Follower Growth. When you are in this view you can see a high-level view of how your follower count has grown (hopefully) over time. This view even shows when specific posts are attributed to the timeline so that you can better view the impact of individual posts on your overall growth. 

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