At Aspire, we believe in the power of community. Our community consists of creators and brands who use Aspire to connect with each other, collaborate, and form lasting relationships. Successful collaborations on Aspire are based on mutual respect, ownership, and great communication between creators and brands.

When one party doesn’t hold up their end of the bargain in a collaboration, everyone is impacted — time and money are lost, as is the chance to build a real partnership. In order to maintain a healthy, productive community where brands and creators can build strong partnerships, we must hold individuals accountable when they do not respect our values. 

In order to uphold our community values, Aspire has a zero-tolerance policy for creators who "ghost" in a collab and a three-strike policy for creators who receive incident reports, as well as parallel policies for brands.

You can find more information regarding suspensions in our terms and services here as well as in the FAQ’s below.

What is an Incident Report?

An Incident Report is filed when either a creator or a brand reports that the other party involved in the collaboration is not meeting the expectations agreed upon in the terms. 

Incident reports are most often filed when either a brand or creator misses a deadline and fails to communicate about the delay — for example, if content requirements are not fulfilled, product is not selected or sent, or collaboration terms are not signed on time. Incident reports may also be filed if one party engages in inappropriate behavior.

What happens when an Incident Report is filed against me?

When a brand files an Incident Report against a creator, that creator receives a strike as well as an email from the Aspire Support Team reminding them to complete their outstanding collaboration requirements and explain any delays.

If the creator does not respond to this email or complete their outstanding requirements, a second reminder email will be sent. If the creator still does not respond or complete the campaign requirements after this second reminder email, he or she will receive one final notice to act immediately or be automatically suspended from the platform.

How do I dispute a strike? 

If you receive a strike that you believe is unwarranted, please contact [email protected] to dispute it. Our team will look into the Incident Report and act as a mediator if we agree that the strike was given unfairly. However, Aspire cannot be held liable for a brand’s decision, nor can we reverse any decisions that a brand has made.

How many strikes can I receive before I am suspended?

When a creator receives 3 strikes, he or she will be suspended from the Aspire platform. A creator may also be suspended if he or she receives multiple reminders to complete campaign requirements and does not respond.

What happens if I am suspended? Can I ever use Aspire again?

When a creator is suspended, they will not be able to access the Aspire platform for at least one year. Suspensions may also be extended beyond one year depending on the severity of the infractions, but you will be informed of this extended time frame when you are initially suspended. You may request to have your suspension reviewed at the end of your suspension term by emailing our Support Team at [email protected].

When a creator loses access to the platform, he or she will not be able to send any messages to brands or complete any campaigns that are in progress at the time of the suspension. All brands in collaboration with the creator will also be notified that the creator has been removed from the platform and will be provided with the creator’s email address if they wish to continue the collaboration off-platform.

Can I complete my existing campaigns before I’m suspended?

Our Support Team reviews every suspension and in specific cases, we may decide to give a creator temporary access to the Aspire platform in order to finish their current collaborations. Once those campaigns are completed, the creator will then be suspended from the platform.

How can I file an Incident Report against a brand?

Go to your Messages, find the brand you need, click MORE in the top right, click "Report an Issue", and fill out accordingly. Please see the example below: 

What if my questions are still not answered?

Please reach out to us at [email protected]! We’d be happy to answer any questions you have.

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