When you sign up for Aspire as a creator or add a new social account, we conduct an extensive review of your account(s) to determine if they meet our platform requirements. If you're reading this article, you are likely still on our waitlist (waiting to be reviewed) or your account does not currently meet one or more requirements. Keep reading to learn more about why you may not be seeing campaigns.

1: You're on the waitlist 

The most common reason for why creators can’t see any campaigns in the marketplace is that they're still on our waitlist, meaning their account has not yet been reviewed by our Support team.

The review process can take up to one month from the date you sign up for the platform. This is because we personally audit every single account to make sure it fits the requirements for our growing community of top creators. However, creators on the waitlist can still collaborate with brands on our platform if they have been invited by the brand to participate in a specific campaign.

Once a creator's account has been reviewed and approved, they can start applying to campaigns on the platform.

2: Your account doesn't meet platform requirements

In order to see campaigns, your account(s) must meet the following engagement requirements (based on industry benchmarks for each platform): 

  • Instagram: 2,500+ followers, an average of 350+ likes per post, and more than 30 posts

  • YouTube: 3,000+ subscribers and an average of 2,500+ views per video (taken from last 20 videos)

  • Facebook: 10,000+ likes 

  • Pinterest (Business): 10K+ unique monthly viewers

  • Blogs: 3,000+ monthly viewers, 1k+ followers

  • TikTok: 1,000+ followers

3: Your account doesn't meet brand requirements or criteria

If you meet the requirements above and still cannot view campaigns, your account(s) or content likely does not meet the criteria for any current campaigns on the platform. While Aspire has our own requirements for creators to join our platform, brands are also able to set their own requirements or criteria, which may be different from or more strict than ours.

In addition to setting higher engagement requirements, brands may also limit their campaigns according to the following criteria:

  • Promotional Content: An account exhibiting promotional content means it is dedicated to a pre-existing product, company, or business idea. This often presents a conflict for brands as they do not want to promote their products on an account clearly dedicated to a different product or business idea.

  •  Repurposed Content: An account my also be flagged by brands if 50% or more of posts consist of re-purposed or unoriginal content. We know there is some gray area when it comes to content ownership, but a basic guideline to follow is if you were not the original poster of the content, it is considered re-purposed. Common examples of repurposed content are: pictures of quotes/blurbs written by someone else, memes, and photos/videos already posted by another creator. 

  • Explicit Content: Brands also often restrict their campaigns to creators with mostly PG-rated content (meaning less than 70% of posts include any nudity). When you collaborate on a campaign, you become a representative of that brand or product, and the brand must ensure that your account resonates with a diverse audience. 

  • Country: At this time, most of the brands using Aspire are serving customers based in the US and North America. Therefore, if your account is associated with an international address, the campaigns you are eligible for may be limited. However, we are always looking to add more international brands, so please keep checking with us!

  • Language: Most of our brands also serve an English-speaking audience. If you primarily post in a language other than English, this may limit the number of campaigns you can see in the marketplace. We suggest you try including an English translation in your posts, as this may allow you to see more campaigns.

4: Your account is set to private

Another common reason you might not be able to see campaigns is that your Instagram account is a Private. In order to be eligible for campaigns, we do require your Instagram account to be public. If your account is Private, please switch it to Public. If you have recently made your Instagram profile Public and are still not seeing campaigns, please let us know as we may need to refresh your account. 

As always, feel free to contact us if you have any questions regarding the above information at [email protected].

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