For a positive start to 2020, we’re very excited to introduce our new payment collaboration terms. To alleviate any concerns about your creators being paid on time, we built this solution to help you maintain and improve relationships on AspireIQ.

Each time you propose terms to a creator on AspireIQ, we will run a balance check on your account. You will be permitted to propose terms to a creator if you have a large enough balance on your account to pay the creator for the terms you proposed or if you have a credit card on file that can cover the payment. 

What is the minimum balance brands need to have in the account to send terms to creators?

Brands will need to have enough balance to cover:

  • Amount they are agreeing to pay the creator in the terms + The total outstanding commitments they have with other creators

If the Brand does not have enough to cover both of these amounts, terms will not be allowed to be finalized.

If I have a credit card on my account do I have to add balance to ensure that I can send terms to creators?

You do not! Having a credit card on file ensures that you can propose terms to creators at any time. 

When can brands dispute/cancel auto-payments?

  • Creator may have posted content live that hadn’t been approved yet
  • Creator may have posted the wrong content live

Can creators negotiate the payment periods terms?

No, these are set by the brand and are not negotiable.  If it does become a factor we expect brands and creators to make adjustments in the amount they agree to, not the payment period itself.

How can I add money to my balance?

Reach out to your dedicated customer success manager or just reach out to [email protected]

*Important Notes: Once you have sent terms to a creator, we will lock in those payment terms. That means if you change from Immediate to Net 30, any existing terms that have already been sent will remain Immediate. Only NEW terms will be set to Net 30.

Be sure to check your balance before so you can successfully agree to terms with a creator. If you don't have enough in your balance, you will not be allowed to finalize terms. So, to move forward on the right foot, you have 2 available options:

  1. Secure a credit card to your account to be billed regularly 
  2. Load credit to your account 

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