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Frequently Asked Questions for creators in regard to Aspire's payment structure and policy for creator and brand relationships
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How does Aspire ensure that I'll get paid for my work?

Aspire now prevents brands from entering into a collaboration if they do not have enough balance in their account.ย 

If you are curious when to expect payment for a collaboration, please refer to the collaboration terms.

Can I negotiate the payment period terms?

You will not be able to negotiate the payment period terms. These terms are set by the brand and cannot be changed as they are chosen very thoughtfully.

When and how can I request payment?

Payment can only be requested on the platform if the brand has their 'payment request' feature enabled on their campaign. Once that has been turned on, creators can only request payment after completing the collaboration.ย 

To request your payment, you would need to go back to the relationship with the brand. From there you will see the payments section where the โ€œrequest paymentโ€ button lives. Enter the direct link to the content you produced along with the exact amount agreed upon. Once sent, we alert the brand to view your content and disperse payment. Your payment will be sent via PayPal within 7 business days or sooner, unless other payment terms were agreed to. Please allow 2-3 business days for payment for process.

Here's how to request payment:

Why can't I request payment from the brand?

If you are unable to request payment after completing a collaboration, it means the brand has disabled the payment request feature. You do not need to request payment in order to get paid. Instead, you will be paid according to the timeline articulated in the collaboration terms.

If you are not sure when you'll be paid, please refer back to the collaboration terms. You may also message the brand letting them know your approved content has been posted on your social channel. From there, they will let you know when to expect payment.

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