What’s new?

The Social Profile refresh will include:

  • Greater insights with 10+ additional data points. Find niche creators and get deeper insights into their content and audiences, with insights into their collaboration history, sponsored posts, engagement rate comparison analysis, creator/audience interests, audience ethnicity/language, and many more.

  • More user-friendly with a new design. All the data points are organized in a more efficient way, making profiles easier to read at a glance.

  • Increased efficiency with our “similar creator” recommendation engine. Now, if you find a creator that is a good fit, our AI will recommend similar creators by style and topic, making sourcing a lot faster.

What is a Social Profile?
A Social Profile appears when sourcing creators for campaigns and is one of Aspire's most frequently used features. The profile shows a deep dive into the creator’s metrics such as engagement, demographics, as well as their audience data. This new design will make the creator sourcing easier than ever in the Creator Discovery area.

What are the added data fields?

  • # of campaigns completed on Aspire

  • Collaboration star rating: Average collaboration rating 

  • Ambassador Badge: An Aspire Ambassador verified by our community team

  • Sponsored (Posts): Posts with specific hashtags for sponsorship (e.g., #ads)

  • Engagement Rate (All): Engagements per post / # of followers

  • Engagement Rate (Sponsored): Engagements per sponsored post (with specific hashtags) / # of followers

  • Audience Authenticity: A score (0%-100%) based on multiple factors, such as the follower account's avatar and bio description, number of posts, number of accounts follower vs following ratio, and number of likes received vs number of likes given ratio. 

  • (Creator) Interests: Interests/categories of a creator based on the previous posts/following accounts. Ordered by the significance.

  • Audience demographic (language & ethnicity) 

  • Audience interests: Interests/categories of the audience based on the previous posts and following accounts. Ordered by the significance.

  • Similar creators AI: Showing similar creators to the one selected based on the relevance of the post content. 

What is Engagement Rate (ER) Comparison Analysis? How does it work?
We compare the ER of a creator with the average ER of all creators with a similar follower size. For example, if a creator has 700k followers, which is categorized as Mega Creator, then we compare the ER with the average ER of Mega creators in our database.

Our data analysis shows a negative correlation between the number of followers and ER - the more followers a creator has, the more likely a creator has a lower ER. By comparing ER based on the number of followers, we will have a more robust benchmark AI to provide better insights. The below table shows how we categorize creators based on the number of followers:

Where do we get this data from? Do we have the same coverage for every creator?
Our data comes from a variety of sources, including creator feedback, social platforms, websites, manual examination, third-party data partners, and many more. All of the data is open or provided by creators, and we aggregate them through our internal data processing algorithms. 

To ensure that we have the most updated data, we constantly connect new data sources and improve our algorithms. Since part of the data comes from public sources, we admit that the data coverage is not perfect, and not all data is accurate and may include outliers. To provide high-quality data, we have a highly trained creator review team to ensure that only qualified and authentic creators can work with us on Aspire.

Do creators need to opt-in to Aspire to get all of this data? Will I get different data if the creator is opt-in?
No. Since our data come from a variety of sources, we can rely on multiple sources to get most of the data fields. However, if the creator is opt-in, we will update the data of this creator from the Instagram API to ensure that we have the most accurate data from the social media directly.

How do I check the audience authenticity of a creator with Social Profile Refresh? Why do I see some on-platform creators with a low authenticity score?
The Social Profile Refresh, provides a variety of approaches to examine a creator’s audience authenticity:

  • Audience Authenticity: This data point provides a high-level overview of the audience authenticity based on the activity of the followers on Instagram. It classifies the creator with four classes: High, Good, and Suspicious. The classification is based on multiple factors, such as an account's avatar and bio description, the number of posts, the number of followers vs following ratio, and the number of likes received vs the number of likes given ratio. 

  • Audience Location: This data point helps brands identify whether the majority of the creator’s followers are from suspicious locations. Some creators buy fake likes from suspicious locations, this data will be a good indicator.

  • Post Performance: There are multiple data points of post performance for brands to evaluate the audience authenticity. 

What does the Social Profile refresh solve for?

  1. A more consistent layout

  2. It is now easier to understand and interpret data points

  3. More data so that you can easily identify and find creators in a niche category

With the new design, we are able to provide a consistent layout, a more user-friendly experience and show our unique insights about creators and their audience helping our brands find their match.

What networks are supported?
The initial release will only support Instagram. We are poised for this refresh to support all networks supported by Aspire in the near future. 

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