If you are seeing that your creator has posted about your brand on social media but you aren’t seeing that post in Aspire - this is most often because the influencer needs to ‘set live’ their content on the platform. 

All content must be submitted to the platform by your creator after they have published it on their social channels in order to appear in your Analyze tab. We send a series of notifications to creators to remind them to submit their content based on due date and mentions of your brands, but a friendly nudge is also helpful if they haven’t submitted the content to you on Aspire yet. 

How content gets pulled into Analyze:

IG Posts - After an influencer publishes an IG post, they must copy the live URL into Aspire.

IG Stories - Once an influencer posts an IG Story, they have roughly 1-2 weeks to return to Aspire and use the content submission tool to pull the story into your Analyze tab.

YT Videos - After an influencer posts their YouTube video, they must submit the link to the live video into Aspire.

Note: If you required content review when setting up the campaign, the influencer’s content must first complete this process before they will have the option to set the content live. 

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