Every now and again, a brand might encounter an issue of a creator not being able to accept their direct offer. We’ll break down the reasons for why this happens in this FAQ. Creators likely are not able to accept a direct offer for three reasons: 

The creator doesn’t have access to their Aspire account in order to view the offer that you’ve sent them. This could be due to incomplete account setup, (meaning that they haven’t finished the steps in setting up their account on the platform just yet). 

-Never fear though, we also send the offer to their email inbox. As long as the creator has maintained an up-to-date email address in our system, they will also receive your offer via email!

The creator might have received your direct offer and was unsatisfied with the amount attached to that offer. 

  -This is usually due to brands sending out direct offers without tying a monetary  component to the proposal. It’s important to send out offers that will peak the interest of creators, to maximize your response rates. We recommend at least 2x the recommended pricing shown when sending an offer. 

The due dates for the terms in the direct offer have expired, and need to be updated to reflect future dates

-If a creator sees your proposal after the content due dates in your terms have expired, they will no longer be able to accept your offer. We set it up this way to avoid creators working on content for deactivated campaigns. To resolve this place send your creator the ‘share link’ to your campaign in order to open up the ability for them to send you a message and you to send a new set of terms. 

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