I’m sure you clicked on this article to learn more about what a direct offer even is, right? Well, I’m happy to explain everything there is to know about them. 

So, what is, a direct offer? 

A direct offer is a function that is available in your Connect tab via “recommended” and “search,” where you are able to propose terms right away to any influencers, rather than wait for them to respond to your invite. 

Why send a direct offer? 

Think of this as your 'best offer' and use this button when you want to make an impression on an influencer. If they accept, you are contracted to work together so this is a high-commitment action that should be used sparingly. A great use of the offer would be finding the perfect influencer who happens to be out of your set campaign budget, but who you'd be willing to pay more than other creators. 

Direct offer best practices: 

In general, the most important thing to note when it comes to sending offers, is to keep in mind that this offer will be sent to the creator with a message saying “This brand wants to collab with you for $___.” For this reason, we recommend offering a creator 2x their standard rate in order to capture their attention. This can't be negotiated down - so think of this as your best offer. 

Note: If an influencer accepts your offer, you have committed to moving forward with them. Keep that in mind when sending offers, as to not send more than your total campaign budget.

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