The Connect tab introduces you to thousands of Creators on and off the platform. During your search you may come across Creators that will be ineligible to invite to your campaign. They will appear as grayed out with a message indicating the reason for ineligibility.  There are a few reasons for this messaging to appear:

Engagement Rate

 When setting up your campaign there will be engagement and budget parameters set.  If a Creator’s budget or engagement rate is higher than the campaign’s settings then it will get flagged as ineligible to invite

Suspicious Engagement

These accounts have been flagged by our Community team for suspicious activity.  This happens when their like:comment ratio seems to indicate paid for followers or they repost a lot of content that indicates they may not be original  content by a creator.

Creator is Out of Campaign Location

For campaigns that choose to not have a broader reach, or more location specific, you will encounter messaging advising that a Creator does not live within the area you specified.

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