The Groups feature is a powerful tool to help you categorize your community into segments of top performers. 

For instance, after working with a single creator more than 3 times you could add them to an ambassador Group. Perhaps some of your best performers happen to be vegan. If that is the case, you could have a Group comprised of all vegans. Once you have a campaign that makes sense to include these creators, it would be very easy to activate one of these Groups by simply proposing terms to each creator in this Group. 

How do I add a creator to a Group? 

Go to the Manage tab -> click on the box next to the creator(s) you wish to add to a Group -> click Add to Group -> then select the Group where you want the creator added.

How do I work with a creator in a Group?

Now that you have a creator added to a Group, go to that specific Group, click on the targeted creator and then click Start a New Collab. This step will start a process of proposing terms to this individual creator.

What else can I do with a Group?

You can also use Groups to communicate with certain influencers in bulk by using our Message feature to communicate at scale with targeted messaging. 

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