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Why can't I login to Aspire with my Instagram account?
Why can't I login to Aspire with my Instagram account?
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Why is the change necessary?

At the end of June 2020, Instagram is deprecating its previous API that allows you to log in Aspire with your Instagram account. Since this feature will not be supported by Instagram anymore, you will need to change the login method and log in Aspire via email moving forward in order to continue using Aspire. This should have been done by June 19th, 2020.

What happens if I never changed my login method?

If you neglected to change the login method by June 19, you may have lost access to Aspire and will not be able to collaborate with the brands on your original profile.

If you can remember the email associated with your Aspire profile, you can enter that in and click 'Forgot Password.' Ideally, this will reinstate your account.

How can I change my email address if I don’t want to login with the one in your system?

After you log in to Aspire, you can change your email by going to the profile icon at the top-right corner > select My Account > under Personal Info, select Change Email and enter the new email address.

What if Changing my Password doesn’t work? 

If “Changing my Password” does not work for you, please contact our creator support team for help ([email protected]).

Does this mean I can’t collaborate with the brands on Aspire for Instagram campaigns anymore?

No. You can still work with the brands for Instagram campaigns on Aspire. The only change is your login method. Once you change it, you can use Aspire for Instagram collaborations like before.  

Does it mean that I can’t authorize my Instagram Insights to the brands?

No. You can still authorize your Instagram Insights and share your audience and engagement data with the brands you are working with. However, you may be required to re-authorize your Insight Insights during those collaborations. 

Is Instagram Insights going to be required now?

No. Like before, Instagram Insights is required only if a brand requests it. However, we encourage you to share your Insights with the brands to open more opportunities.

How can I add my Instagram moving forward?

Like before, after you log in Aspire, you can add your Instagram accounts by going to the profile icon at the top-right corner > Social Accounts > Selecting the IG logo under Add Social Accounts.

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