1. What is the new invite experience?

This update gives users of Aspire the ability to send a more personal creator invite. What’s has changed?

  • Branded email address: now including the user’s name and the brand name (e.g. [email protected])

  • More personalized templates: Our updated email template will be more personal, featuring the brand name more prominently.

  • Added flexibility for off-platform creators: Enabling creators to ask questions related to the campaign through the email thread (without an Aspire account).

Note: As a user of Aspire, you can see the off-platform creator question under Manage > Opportunities > Invite Inquiries.

2. Why is this update important?

The new invite experience improves the invite acceptance rate by delivering a more personal invitation.

3. What are the differences between the old invite experience and the new one?

The new invite experience includes the following changes:

Invite Email:

  • Brand Email Address: The new update will generate Aspire email addresses for managers using a combination of their brand name, first name, last name, and the “brands.aspireiq.com” domain (e.g. [email protected]). In addition, the email display name will be a combination of their first name and brand name (e.g., Glen from Brand)

  • Improved Template Content: Our updated email template will be more personal, featuring the brand name more prominently.

  • Name and Website Footer: We will use the user’s name and brand website in the footer of the email to emphasize the invite is coming from the brand.

Inquiries from off-platform creators:

  • An off-platform creator will be able to directly reply to the email invite for campaign-related questions without signup. Previously, a creator needed to sign up Aspire and submit a proposal to start the conversation with a brand.

  • From a creator perspective, the conversation with the brand will be the same as the typical Gmail thread, making the overall experience more personal and authentic.

  • The incoming inquiries from creators will be sent to the brand user’s inbox (Manage) on Aspire. The user can find the inquiries under Opportunity > Invite Inquiries.

4. Can brands customize their invite templates?

Brands can't customize their invite templates on the Aspire platform. However, they can reach out to their Customer Success Manager (CSM) for this request.

5. As a user of Aspire, how do I reply to the inquiries from off-platform creators?

You can go to the Manage tab > Opportunities > Invite Inquiries to find all the inquiries from the off-platform creators. You will be able to see the inquiry details with creators’ social profiles and the associated campaign. You will then be able to further choose to reply, mark as unread, or dismiss the conversation.

6. What if the questions are related to Aspire, instead of campaigns?

Simply click “Insert Contact Support Template” that will generate a message that asks the creator to reach out to the Support team instead.

7. How does the email reply from a brand look like from a creator perspective?

The reply from a brand will look very similar to a typical Gmail experience. A creator can simply reply to the thread with his/her personal email account for any follow-up discussion.

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