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How to find your Microsoft Business tenant ID
How to find your Microsoft Business tenant ID

This article is a tutorial on how to find your tenant ID

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Until an Admin of your Microsoft Business account consents to the AspireIQ app, you will not be able to send and receive emails to your outlook account. In order for the Admin of your Microsoft Business Account, we will need your Tenant ID and for your Microsoft Admin to verify AspireIQ's app.

​What we need:
To set this up, we just need the Tenant ID for your Microsoft Business account and then we can send further instructions.
​Where is my Tenant ID?
Go to > Azure Active Directory > Properties. Under directory ID, you will see your tenant ID.
As an example, your tenant ID will look something like this -> 951a1899-8810-4356-ax10-3a5f8fg99a65

Once you have your Tenant ID, send it to your implementation manager and they will respond with the necessary next steps.

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