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Creator Community Guidelines
Aspire's Creator Community Guidelines
Aspire's Creator Community Guidelines
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At Aspire, we believe in the power of authentic relationships. Our goal is to enable connection and collaboration between brands and creators based on a foundation of mutual respect, trust, ownership, and great communication.

In order to achieve this goal, we must ensure that every creator in our community abides by the guidelines set forth here. We are proud to make Aspire completely free and available for any creator who meets our platform requirements and community standards and we thank you for continuing to make Aspire a safe, supportive environment for collaboration.

Creator Community Guidelines


Even if you meet our platform requirements, you may be ineligible for the platform based on content from your social profile(s). Aspire reserves the right to reject or remove creators from our platform due to any of the following:

  1. Fake followers (audience authenticity): We hold to the right not to accept any creators who use fake accounts or artificially boost the popularity of their content, including the number of likes, comments, or other metrics, as determined by trusted third-party data. This audience authenticity data is also visible to brands utilizing our platform. This policy is intended to ensure that our brands and their customers can trust the creators they interact with. The decision to proceed with a collaboration after reviewing this data remains with the brand.

  2. Nudity or explicit content: We hold to the right not to accept any creators who share content that includes nudity, that is sexually explicit or is overly suggestive. This includes photos and videos (digital or real) include (but are not limited to): fully-nude buttocks, genitals, and female nipples. Aspire retains the right to approve or deny content that we believe is inappropriate for our platform.

  3. Repurposed content: Aspire is committed to authenticity and originality, as are our brands. Therefore, we do not accept creators on our platform whose accounts contain more than 50% repurposed content. These creators may still be directly invited by a brand for a specific campaign, but they will not be eligible for additional campaigns in our marketplace.

Creator Conduct

Aspire also reserves the right to remove a creator from our platform, or inhibit them from applying to certain Brand's campaigns if they (or anyone they're closely affiliated with) exhibit any of the following behavior on or off the Aspire platform:

  1. Excessively delayed communication or content in a collaboration. Please reference our Suspension Policy to learn more about our zero-tolerance policy for creators who ghost in a collab and a three-strike policy for creators who receive incident reports from a brand. Failure to respond or post content on time may result in suspension.

  2. Explicit language, bullying, harassment, discrimination, violence or illegal behavior. Any communication with a brand, another creator, or with any member of the Aspire team that exhibits any of this behavior will result in immediate suspension from the platform. Any language that threatens the physical or psychological safety of another individual will result in immediate suspension from the platform. Any content or language that mimics, mocks, or targets an individual with prolonged or malicious insults based on intrinsic attributes, including their protected group status or physical traits will result in immediate suspension from the platform.

  3. Any content that violates Youtube, Instagram, Facebook or Pinterest or TikTok’s community guidelines may also result in suspension from the Aspire Platform.

The above is not a complete list of inappropriate behaviors and therefore Aspire reserves the right to remove creators from the platform based on any single incident or pattern of behaviors that is not covered by the above.

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