Outline of all our pricing - Difference between Image Price, Post Price, etc

When submitting a proposal, you will notice several different areas where you can input pricing for different types of content. You may be wondering about the difference between these, so below is a brief overview of all kinds of content and their associated pricing.

Image Price: This is where you can input the price for a raw image that you are not obligated to post on social media at all. These are different from an Instagram Post or Instagram Video, for example, which are public posts on your Instagram feed.

Video Price: Similar to an Image price, this is where you can input the price for a raw video. The brand will have the rights to repurpose this video after the collaboration is over, and it’s a really great way for creators to get their content and brand out there.

Instagram Story Price: This is for the price of posting on your Instagram story only, and is not for a permanent post to your Instagram feed. Instagram stories must be public for the full 24 hours.

Instagram Post Price: This is for the price of a permanent post on your Instagram feed.

Dedicated Video Price: This is for the price of a YouTube video that's content is focused solely on the brand or product.

Video Mention Price: This is where you can input the price for a YouTube video that includes a mention of the product/brand. The requirements can vary for each brand.

Dedicated Blog Post Price: This is for a blog post that is dedicated to talking about the brand only. This is not the same as a blog post mention.

Blog Post Mention Price: The price for a blog post that mentions the brand and/or product. This is not the same as a dedicated blog post.

Pinterest Pin Price: This is for the price of a pin posted on your Pinterest account, dedicated to the brand or product.

Sometimes, you will see a message beneath these items that states the price range that the brand typically accepts. This is just a general guideline to follow when submitting your price, and does not have to be strictly followed!

When it comes to pricing, we encourage our creators to find the price that's right for them, and there's no one-size-fits-all number. We do show recommended rates for our creators when sending a proposal. Those rates are primarily based off the average amount of likes per post and what we see across the marketplace. But we encourage our creators to adjust that or negotiate once a proposal has been responded to. We want creators to find the pricing that best suits them but we show these as a guide to the community as a whole.

If you have any additional questions about this, don’t hesitate to reach out to our Creator Support team at [email protected]

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