What data can I see on Analyze 2.0?

  • Gender

  • Age

  • Location - city and country

  • Top three posts and top 3 creators

  • Metric over time card

  • TMV (total media value) broken down by network card

  • ROI card

  • Audience information like age, gender, location

What Can I do with the data in Analyze 2.0?

  • Group metrics by post, creator, and network

  • Show/hide columns

  • Sort columns

  • Export customized CSVs

Will I lose data from historical campaigns?

No, all brands with access to Aspire will have access to their all-time data.

When will I see my campaign data in Analyze?

  • We’ve rebuilt the database so you can get all your data faster. Most users will be able to see their all-time data load in a few seconds.

  • Data currently refreshes every 6 hours. We are working on an improvement to remove this refresh window, so you can see your data sooner.

Did any metrics change between 1.0 and Analyze 2.0?

We updated the calculations for these metrics in the new Analyze:

  • Broke out Engagement rate by post type, so you can clearly see the engagement rate for an Instagram Post, Pinterest Pin, and other social networks and post types. The earlier version combined engagement rates across post types together.

  • Updated Pinterest total media value -- previously, Pinterest TMV was based on an outdated measure of engagement (views, clicks), but has now been updated to include clicks, saves, closeups and impressions. Find out more about TMV here.

  • Updated logic for cost assignment, which in the earlier version was causing costs to be 1-2 days out of date. What you should see now: Whenever a collaboration has multiple posts, we assign the payment to each post as they go live. For example, if you’re paying $300 for 3 Instagram Posts which go live on Monday,

Can I still share my report in a csv?

Yes, you can export .csv on the Breakdown tab. Notably, you can customize your .csv by grouping data by individual posts, creators, or social networks.

Can I track additional things?

Yes, you can now track Instagram Story data as a separate post type; we also collect taps and exits.

Can I view data from different/multiple campaigns at the same time?

Yes, you can see data from multiple campaigns and brands (if applicable) at once.

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