How to Start Using Analyze

  • Click on the Analyze tab in the Aspire navigation bar.

  • A Summary page will load with default filters (see below) already applied. I would by default see: “Results from all of [brand’s] campaign posts across all social networks; these results are from campaign posts created in the last 30 days.”

Analyze Data Filters

  • These are the default filters that load every time the Analyze page is refreshed.

“Last 30 Days” - This selects a date range for when the social post was posted; you are able to select a custom date range.

“Brands & Campaigns” - This selects all campaigns for the manager’s default brand. If a manager has multiple brands, they will have the option to select those campaigns also.

“All Networks” selected - Results from all social networks are selected by default. Can include: Instagram post types (Post, Video, Story), Pinterest, YouTube, Facebook, blog, and Twitter.

Click on “+” to add an additional filter, such as creator username, or amount paid to creator.

You can change existing filters or apply new filters to see a different data set.

Notably, if a campaign manager has permission to see other brands, they can filter for multiple campaigns across brands within their organization.

Additional Filters to add:



Country -- Creator’s country of residence

Creator -- Creator username. This is the Aspire username; it usually is the same as their social account, but creators may have different ones

Owner -- Owner email. This is the set campaign manager.

Payment -- USD$ paid for collab

Payment + Product Cost -- Sum of USD$ paid for collab and Cost of product for collab (in USD)

Product Cost --Cost of product for collab (in USD)

  • These global filters apply across “Summary, Breakdown, and Post” pages

Analyze Pages

1 - Summary Page

On the Summary page, see top metrics and trends.

  • Overall Metrics:

  • ➡️ # of creators

  • ➡️ # of posts

  • ➡️ Reach

  • ➡️ Engagements

  • ➡️ Impressions

  • ➡️ TMV

  • ➡️ ROI

Network Cards - see data by post type

Summary Cards - see different visualizations of the data

  • ➡️ TMV Breakdown

  • Insight Over Time - reach, engagements and impressions over time

  • Top Posts and Top Creators based on engagements or engagement rate

  • Age and Gender card, Audience Location by City or Country

  • ROI broken down by TMV over costs

2 - Breakdown Page

On the Breakdown page, see results broken down by individual posts, creators, or network.

You can select or deselect the columns you want to see. You can also export .csv customized to the table view you’re currently seeing.

3 - Posts Page

Go to Posts to see a feed of the posts from that global filter.

Access to Previous Analyze (v1)

  • If you are interested in Analyze Watchlists, Brand Mentions (Instagram + All Filter), Follower Growth, or Reports, you can access it by clicking on “View previous Analyze” button

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