Throughout your journey with Aspire, there might come a time where the campaign isn’t turning out quite how you expected. Whether you don’t like the product you received, the product never came, or you feel that the collaboration goes against your goals as a creator, we’re here to help.

Thinking about canceling a collaboration? You’ve come to the right place. We always urge our creators to be honest with our brands, especially if they don't feel comfortable proceeding with a campaign!

It’s always best to be communicative despite the decision you’ve made to not move forward, so we can coach you on how to handle these potential situations. Please be mindful that a lack of communication could lead to the brand reporting you delinquent, so always be responsive when collaboration is not what you envisioned.

In the meantime, here are some FAQs regarding cancellations:

What if I don’t like the product I received?

Anytime a creator accepts collaboration terms and has received product from the brand, regardless if payment is involved, they are expected to follow all collaboration guidelines and post by the post date.

However, we understand not all products are meant for everyone and creators should always remain authentic to their followers. If the product was not what you anticipated - definitely let the brand know the collaboration is not what you expected and that you don't feel it's in your best interest to market something you feel inauthentic about.

Thank them for the consideration and respectfully request they cancel the collaboration from their end. The brand can provide a return label and cancel the collaboration.

What should I do if the brand is unresponsive during collaboration?

It's common for brands to be a little delayed as they're really busy with other campaigns or collaborations. We know that you're busy too but we want to see both sides in this situation.

We ask brands to try and respond within 2-3 business days, however, that's not always the case. Please understand there can be numerous factors such as being occupied with other projects or collaborations. We understand these collaborations are super important to your success as well so what we recommend and what we have seen to be most effective is to continue to politely message the campaign manager (your messages go directly to their email). We will also help check in with the campaign manager if they receive multiple complaints or they remain unresponsive for too long.

If unresponsiveness continues and you no longer want any involvement with this collaboration, we recommend requesting that the campaign manager cancel the collaboration from their end.

My product(s) never arrived, what do I do?

If you still haven't received the product(s) and no terms have been signed, you're not yet expected to produce content. If terms have been signed, we want to approach this more cautiously.

First, we recommend following up with the brand to see if they can provide a tracking number. You can also go back to the collaboration terms to extend the deadline. The changes will alert the brand and hopefully get the ball rolling.

If you would like to not proceed since the products never arrived, we recommend messaging the campaign manager directly and letting them know you did not receive the product. Let them know you would not like to move forward with the collaboration and request they cancel the collaboration on their end.

What to do if a brand has canceled the collaboration?

We apologize for the inconvenience. Brands usually cancel the collaboration due to internal issues out of our control. Aspire is a platform that facilitates relationships between brands and creators, but we are not liable for brand decisions. If you have any questions regarding a brand’s decision to cancel or need help further with a canceled collaboration, please email [email protected] directly.

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