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How to vet applicants

This article explains how to approve and reject applicants who have filled out your application page form

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Once you start sending invites in Elevate, the people who have filled out your application page form will show up as Applicants in your project, so you can decide if you're interested in moving forward.

Accept vs. Reject

Within the Applicants tab, you can easily accept people into your project by selecting one or multiple checkboxes and clicking Approve.

If you Accept someone, they will move into the first stage of your project workflow, where you can then send a Welcome Email to say hello 👋

If you Reject someone, you will still be able to find them in your Members list, but you will no longer see this person in your project. Don't worry, they won't receive a rejection message.

📣 Pro tip: Click on your applicant's social handle to see more analytics, and then approve or reject their application from there!

Vetting Creators

We want to remove as much of the guesswork as possible when it comes to vetting creators for your program, so we provide several data points about the creators to help you out. To better understand if a creator has an authentically engaged audience, we recommend looking at the following data points:

  1. Impressions per post

  2. Impressions per story

  3. Engagement rate

  4. Authenticity score

  5. Audience breakdown by location - you’ll want to make sure that at least 30% of the creator’s audience is in your target location

Please note that we can only pull some of the data points above if a creator has their Insights linked to Aspire.

We consider impressions to be the biggest indicator of authentic engagement because there is no way for creators to “purchase” impressions, but it is important to consider as many factors as possible when vetting a creator. In addition to these metrics, we recommend doing some qualitative research on the influencer as well. Consider the following:

  1. Does this creator create high-quality, engaging content? Is it content that I’d want to share on my own Instagram page?

  2. Does this creator post too many ads? Generally, we encourage brands to prioritize influencers who post less than 8 ads per month. If a creator is posting more than 8, you run the risk of your brand message getting lost in the clutter.

  3. Does the creator post consistently?

  4. Does the creator seem to have values that align with your own?

Be sure to take these factors into consideration when vetting creators, and when in doubt, start a conversation with them!

Applicant Source

Within the Applicants section of your project, you will see a column for Applicant Source. This lets you know where the application is from and could be either of the following:

  • Marketplace - inbound application from Aspire's Creator Marketplace

  • Invited - creators you invited from Creator Search

  • Organic - creators that applied directly using the application page link and were not invited through Aspire

  • Aspire's Pick - These are creators that Aspire has invited specifically to your program based on their interests/industry and your campaign requirements. These invitations could come via our add-on sourcing services, CSM support, and/or other then-current creator programs

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