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Sending contracts to members
Sending contracts to members

This article explains how to send contracts to members individually and how to send one contract to many members at once.

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Aspire's contract integration is an application based on our partnership with Dropbox Sign (formerly HelloSign). The application allows you to send contracts to individuals and many members at one time.

How to Send Individual Contracts

Search for the member that you want to send a contract to by using the magnifying glass or search bar within Members.

Once you find the member, click on the Member Actions dropdown, and then click Contracts.

Click Send New Contract. Attach a PDF of the contract, add a message and subject, then specify who the signers are.

  • Member = influencers, ambassadors, customers, etc.

  • Brand = you (the user)

Note: Adding the Brand as a counter-signer is optional if the contract only requires the Member to sign

Click Send Contract.

How to Send One Contract to Multiple Members

If you have one contract that is going to be sent to multiple members at once, go to Members > select the people who need a contract sent to them > click Bulk Action > Send Contract.

Sending Contracts within a Project

To send contracts as a part of your workflow, simply add the "Contract" stage to your project.

Once the member(s) is/are in the Contract stage, click Send Contract under the Status column, select the member(s), then click on the Send Contracts button.

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