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At Aspire, we believe in the power of authentic relationships. Our goal is to enable connection and collaboration between brands and creators based on a foundation of mutual respect, trust, ownership, and great communication. We achieve this by setting guidelines that are designed to facilitate agreement, discussion, and ultimately harmony for our partners, brands and creators. To achieve this goal, we must ensure that every creator and brand in our community abides by the guidelines set forth here.

Timely communication: Be responsive to creators—after all, they are fans of your product and want to help promote your brand. Whenever possible, please respond to notifications within 1-2 days. Creators are investing time and effort into working with you, so respecting their contribution will help ensure a positive relationship and the potential for future collaborations.

Clarity within content guidelines: The more clearly you communicate your vision for a collaboration, the easier it will be for creators to produce content that matches your brand’s aesthetic and values. Don’t be afraid to state the obvious, especially if something is a must-have or an absolute no-go.

Allow for creative freedom: At the same time, we know influencer marketing is most effective when creators are empowered to produce content that resonates with their audience and expresses their unique point of view. Remember—you chose to work with this creator for a reason! By communicating your goals and values clearly without giving too much specific instruction, you’ll enable opportunities for creativity and freedom of expression.

Make time for content review: While creators try their best to work within your guidelines, there’s always a chance that the content produced isn’t in line with your expectations. When this happens, please provide specific feedback and allow enough time for revisions. To that end, we recommend building in time for content review in all of your campaigns. Ultimately, both parties involved should be happy with the collaboration’s outcome without feeling rushed.

Avoid cancellations: While it may feel like the only option, cancellations prevent any possibility of a positive outcome or future relationship. Creators put a lot of time and resources into creating content for your brand, so please avoid canceling after content has been created unless absolutely necessary! We are here for you, so we encourage all brands to write into support first ([email protected]) or file an incident report on the creator for us to research. We are happy to mediate towards a better end result.

On-time payments: Just as we expect creators to produce content quickly, we expect our brands to pay those creators in a timely manner. We understand that invoicing delays can happen, but please work with our team to implement a payment process that works best for you to avoid these occurrences.

We thank you for abiding by the above guidelines and for continuing to make Aspire a safe, supportive environment for collaboration. Please reach out to [email protected] with any questions.

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