About TikTok

TikTok is a content first platform, on which users post 15-second videos. TikTok revolves less around people you follow, and more around introducing users to new content under the mantra, “let the best content win.” Viral content is core to the platform’s algorithm.

What makes collaborating on TikTok different from other platforms?

If you are just starting to collaborate with influencers on TikTok, you may have a greater reliance on creators’ creativity and understanding of their audience than you are accustomed to with other platforms, but this will also give you the best shot at content going viral.

How to vet creators

TikTok is not as follower driven as other platforms, meaning that view count, engagement, and content quality are the most important factors to consider. However, follower count is a great leading indicator for engagement, as high follower counts generally give a creator’s content a head-start. When considering which creators to work with, you can also use their following on other social channels - like Instagram - as a proxy for their audience on TikTok.

Budgeting for TikTok collaborations

TikTok creators monetize on their following, so the general rule of thumb is: the more followers a creator has, the more budget you will need. With TikTok collaborations still being relatively new, pricing per creator may be relatively low, giving you the opportunity to work with up and coming creators to lock in more efficient relationships.

It is important to keep in mind the great thing about TikTok, since it is truly content driven, is that any creator - regardless of follower count - has the ability to go viral.

Example terms for a TikTok collaboration

Content Concept

  • Show off product usage in a unique way with a TikTok video

  • Use your creativity and knowledge of TikTok trends to boost the video

  • Have fun! This is about being yourself.

Post Instructions

  • Caption must include @brand and #hashtag

  • Caption must include either #ad, #sponsor, or #sponsored in the first 3 lines separated from other hashtags (to comply with FTC guidelines)

  • Keep video to 15 seconds

Other Guidelines

  • No other products can be shown or mentioned in the post

  • Posts must be permanent (no archiving or deleting)

  • Do not show box or unboxing of product

  • Choose a family-friendly song** or sound; or do your own voiceover

  • Ask your friends and viewers to like, comment or share in the post

  • Optional: Add link to your video if you have the feature (TikTok is testing adding links in posts, but not everyone has this feature); or add link into your bio: [link]

Content Approval

  • Please screenrecord your TikTok video draft to upload for content approval

  • After it is live, please add the link to the post

**An important note about music:

Creators can use any song in their video as long as it comes from TikTok’s music library.

However, If a brand wants to repost the video to their own account, the video cannot have music because it will be incorrectly attributed as the brand’s original sound. If a brand intends to repost the video, they should ask the creator to do a voiceover with no music.

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