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WooCommerce Integration Overview
WooCommerce Integration Overview
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The WooCommerce Data Integration allows you to connect your WooCommerce store to Aspire via OAuth. Once the access is granted, we will pull the customer data from your WooCommerce store and integrate it with your member database in Members. In addition, after the initial ingestion, the data will auto-sync every morning to ensure that the data is always up-to-date in Aspire.

This feature provides a holistic view of a member or customer that integrates purchase, social, demographic, and other custom data fields. With the integrated data, you can identify the key people to invite to a community based on your criteria or engage with a member based on their purchase amount. Examples include:

  • Identify the top purchasers and invite them to a “VIP Customer Community”

  • Identify influencers who have purchased from the brand and invite them to an “Ambassador Community”

  • Identify the members who have purchased more than 10 times and send them a survey for product feedback

Frequently Asked Questions

What data will be available from WooCommerce?

The following data will be available from WooCommerce in Aspire:




WooCommerce Orders Count

The total number of orders that the customer has placed


WooCommerce Total Spent

The total amount of money that the customer has spent across their order history


WooCommerce Created Date

The date when the customer was created


WooCommerce Updated Date

The date when the customer information was last updated, like last purchase


WooCommerce Customer ID

The unique customer ID stored in the database



Name of the customer


Phone Number

Phone number of the customer



Shipping address of the customer



Email address of the customer


To ensure that we pull the most relevant data to you, we apply the below criteria when pulling customer data from WooCommerce:

  • Customers must have updated their accounts (including purchases) in the last 12 months

  • Customers must have completed at least one order

Based on this criteria, only customers who have made a purchase in the past 12 months will be added to your member database. Once a customer is pulled, you will be able to see lifetime values for total spent and order counts.

How do you match WooCommerce customer data with existing members in Elevate?

We match the data based on emails. If the email is the same, we will enrich the profile with WooCommerce data. If no match is found, we will add that person as a new contact.

If you want to match WooCommerce data with existing data of members in Aspire, or you just want to enrich the data that you currently have available try using the Info Update feature.

Can I manually change my WooCommerce data in Aspire?

No. To ensure the data in Elevate reflects actual customer behavior, it can only be updated by auto-sync with the WooCommerce API.

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