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Content Guideline Templates Overview
Content Guideline Templates Overview

What are Content Guidelines and how do I make them?

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What are Content Guideline Templates?

Content Guideline Templates are the foundation of what will become your Briefs with influencers. Once you’ve created a project, you'll want to make content guideline templates for each type of content you'll be requesting from creators during your campaign.

These guidelines will provide all the relevant information for the influencer to create their best work in alignment with your campaign’s goals. They will outline the content concept, photo/video guidelines, posting requirements, and more.

This is also what you’ll use when requesting edits from influencers during the content review process. In order to request changes, you must have the relevant requirement outlined in your briefs. For example, if your guidelines don't mention that they must shoot outdoors, you can't require a reshoot if someone shoots your outdoor product inside their house.

Why should I create Content Guideline Templates?

Creating your Content Guideline Templates ahead of time will streamline the process when sending Briefs to influencers. Instead of creating Content Guidelines manually for every influencer you’re working with, you can use your templates and just make the necessary tweaks for specific influencers.

How do I create Content Guideline Templates?

  1. Click on your initials at the top right corner, select Workspace Settings, then select Content Guidelines on the left-hand side.

    🚀 Pro Tip: You can also access your Content Guidelines from within your project by clicking Quick Links > All Content Guidelines.

  2. Select the project you want to create content guideline templates for, click New Content Guideline, then click Select a premade template or Select a blank template.

  3. Select the post type you want to create content guidelines for, then click Use Template.

  4. Once you have selected the post type, it’s time to create your Content Guideline Template.

    Here are the typical sections you’ll find in a content guideline template:

    • Content Concept: Provide a short description of your campaign purpose and the type of content you're looking for the creator to make. For example, the purpose of your campaign could be promoting a new product launch or upcoming event.

    • Talking Points: Include a list of key messaging points, or important product features and benefits that should be in their content. Add the things you want them to focus on about the product they’re promoting, like cruelty-free products, clean ingredients, or ease of use. Please note, these are optional for the creator.

    • Photo/Video Guidelines: Provide clear direction into how you want the content to be shot. Mention any specific creative requirements, like “the logo must be visible” or “the influencer must actively use the product on camera.” Provide more specific content guidelines with a list of dos and don’ts. For example, you might say: do show your face, and don’t display any other logos in the content.

    • Caption Guidelines: This includes all the information you want the creator to add to their caption, such as their unique promo code and where to purchase the product. You can also require the creator to use specific hashtags, or tag you in the caption.

    • Post Instructions: This can include the time of day you want the content to be posted, whether the content has to be permanently posted and not archived, and any other posting instructions you may have.

    • Other Guidelines: This is where you can put any additional guidelines you may have.

    • Attachments: The attachment feature can be used to include a campaign brief, brand guidelines, or any example content you want the creator to use as a guide when shooting their content. Even if you’re giving your influencers creative freedom over what they post, provide an example or two for them. Examples show them exactly what type of content is acceptable, and as content creators, they can use those as a foundation for their own creativity.

    📌 Important: Only the required sections that are relevant to the content will appear when reviewing content. Talking Points, Post Instructions, and Attachments will not appear during the content review process.

  5. Make sure to click "Save" for each template you create.

  6. Create a content guideline template for every post type you will be asking from creators. For example, if you're asking for an Instagram Reel, Instagram Story, and a TikTok video, you'll need to make 3 separate content guideline templates.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to send us an email at [email protected] and we'd be happy to help. 😊

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