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What's the difference between adding and inviting members?
What's the difference between adding and inviting members?

When to use Add to Project vs Invite to Apply

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Within the Creator Search app, you can easily make outreach to see who's interested in working with you by clicking the blue Invite button. This will automatically trigger an invite email to be sent, asking the creator to view your landing page and fill out the application form.

Similarly, you may have noticed that within your Members list, there's a blue Collaborate button. Once you click Collaborate, a list of all your projects will appear and as you hover over each project name, you'll see the option to either Send a Project Invitation or Add to Project. Keep reading to learn the difference between these two actions!

Send Project Invitation

This will send the creator an email asking them to view your project and fill out the form on your landing page. You may customize this invite email at any time to make it more personal to your brand. Once the member submits the form, they will move into the Applicants stage of your project, where you'll have the option to either approve or reject them.

Add to Project

Adding a member to a project means they will skip directly to the first stage of your project and bypass your landing page. The member will not receive an email that they have been added to your project.

This is a great option to use when you've already been in communication with somebody either via email or DM, and you know they want to work with you. Rather than asking them to apply for the project, you can add them to the project instead and bypass the application process.

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