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How do I review content?

How to review a member's content before they set it live on their social channel

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In order to review a member's content before they post it live on their social channel, you must check the "Review Content" box when sending Terms.

πŸ“Œ Please note that content will be automatically approved after 3 business days if no action is taken before then. To extend the content approval period to 7 business days, please contact our Support Team at [email protected].

How to Review Content

Once a member submits their content for review, they will automatically move into the "Content" stage of your project workflow. From there, click "Review Content" at the top and click on the 'Review Content' Action next to the member's name.

You will see all the content you have requested from this member and the current status. Click "Review" next to the content that is ready to review.

Here you'll see a preview of the content and the caption the member submitted. You can enlarge or download the file by clicking on the thumbnail. Your content guidelines will turn into a bulleted checklist and you'll see the guidelines that the member adhered to in their post.

If you see an X instead of a checkmark, this means the creator did not incorporate that specific guideline in their post.

If you're happy with their content, simply click β€œLooks Good” and the member will receive a notification that their content has been approved.

Otherwise, if you would like the creator to make edits, click β€œRequest Changes” to notify the member and explain what you would like to be different. Please note that you need to request changes for each guideline they submitted that needs revision.

After the member makes the revisions, they'll upload their content for review again and you'll follow the same steps as above to review their changes πŸ‘

Once all content has been approved, the member will move into the "Waiting for Live Posts" stage, where they'll submit the live link to their content.

πŸ“Œ Pro tip: You can also review content within your inbox! To go through the review content process within your inbox, click on the blue "Review Content" button in the App notification you get when a creator submits content for approval.


What if I request Custom Work?

Custom work is used for requests such as reviews, blog posts, or other media not deemed a deliverable. If the review Content stage is added, the creators will move down automatically as there are no selected deliverables associated with custom work.

What if no content deliverables are requested?

If there are no deliverables needed from the member, the member will bypass the "review content" stage and be automatically moved to the next stage.

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