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Tips for creating an eye-catching application page
Tips for creating an eye-catching application page

Curious about how to design an application page that will attract creators? Keep reading!

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If you're feeling a little stuck on creating your application page, check out our example and six helpful tips that will set you up for success.

Check our example for inspiration here! ✨

6 Pro Tips for Creating An Eye-Catching Application Page

1. Lead with your brand values

Before creating an application page, try to answer the below questions first and incorporate the answers into your introduction section on the page:

  • What sets your brand apart from others in your space?

  • What do you, as a business, value in partners?

  • How do you provide value to your customers - beyond your products or services

2. Clearly communicate what you are looking for and set up the right expectation
When drafting the content, make sure influencers will understand what you are looking for. Introduce your program structure, set up the right expectation, and let influencers feel welcomed and valued!

Here is a great example for your reference:

Design Firm has launched our first-ever Ambassador Program, and we're looking for design lovers, makers, and interior enthusiasts to join us! Every month, we'll introduce a new theme with a new selection of products from the Design Firm Shop. Once you're accepted to the program, we'll send you the product(s) of your choice in exchange for a product review on our website and a post on social media.

3. Make the perks front and center
Go beyond free products and offer a list of benefits to being a part of your program:

  • Payment per post (recommended): sponsorship will make creators' lives better and get more attention than other brands!

  • Affiliate payout (recommended): provide additional payout based on sales performance so creators will be more actively promoting your product

  • Exclusive discount codes only for partners

  • First access to new products

  • Exclusive access to invite-only events

4. Showcase lifestyle imagery
Leverage content on your application page that was created by influencers or customers. In addition, show off your products in action vs. just product shots - this will help influencers visualize content they will make for you.
​5. Include strong branding
Create a consistent message across the entire page, and use brand-approved colors, fonts, and language style. Try to utilize all of Aspire's customizable application page features:

  • Favicon, Logo, hero image, brand images for About, cover image for Persona

  • Page color

  • Headline, Body Text, CTA styling (font color, font family, font size, and button color)

  • Descriptions for each section

  • Bullet style

  • Show and hide sections

  • Survey form questions

  • Customize your URL

6. Optimize your signup form
Make sure your form is optimized for conversions! Collect the below information from creators for a smooth collaboration:

  • First name

  • Last name

  • Email

  • Social handle (i.e. Instagram)

  • Address (Address 1, Address 2, City, State, PostalCode, Country)

If you want to collect more information from creators, you can create your custom fields and add them to the form. However, we recommend that the number of questions should be limited, and a creator should not spend more than 2 minutes filling out your form. This will ensure that creators will not drop off due to a lengthy survey.

If you'll be sending payment, we recommend asking creators for their PayPal Address and rates on your application page form.

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