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Member Sourcing: Shopify Integration

How to identify your top customers and invite them to join your project via our Shopify Integration.

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Shopify Integration Overview

Our Shopify Data Integration allows you to connect your Shopify store to Elevate. Once the access is granted, Aspire will pull your customer data from your Shopify store and integrate it with your member database. In addition, after the initial ingestion, the data will auto-sync every morning to ensure that the data is always up-to-date in Elevate.

Check out our Support article here for steps on how to connect your Shopify store.

How to find people to work with from your customer base:

Once your customer data is pulled in, you will be able to see all the customers under Recruit > Customers.

To jumpstart the sourcing process, you can leverage our Recommended segment on the left side to find high-priority people to work with.

πŸ“£ Pro tip: Identify people who are your customers but also active on Instagram

Under Recommended segments, find the "Customer Mentions" or "Influential Customers" and identify your potential prospects from there. These people are active on Instagram and potentially can become your ambassadors to help you promote your brand to their audience.

πŸ“£ Pro tip: Identify your loyalists and start engaging with them

The "Repeat Purchases", "Top Order Counts", and "Top Total Spent" segments can help you discover people who have purchased a lot from your brand. If you want to find people who are passionate about your brand, this is the right place for you.

Sending Invites

Now that you have identified the right people to join your community, it is time to start inviting. To Invite people to your Program, simply click the checkbox next to that member's name > hover over Collaborate > select the correct project > click Send Project Invitation.

πŸ“£ Pro tip: There is a default invite that will send from whatever email you have authorized, but we highly recommend you customize this invite email. Click here to learn how!

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