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How do I edit the questions on my application page form?
How do I edit the questions on my application page form?

How to add, delete, or edit the questions on your application page form

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Your application page form is used to gather information from applicants to your project. Your applicants will fill out the form at the bottom of your application page and the information will be organized on the Elevate platform. You can then use this to accept or reject an applicant.

How to Edit Application Form Questions

1. Click on "Projects" then select the appropriate project from the drop-down list.

2. Click on "Quick Links" and select "Application Page".

3. Click "Form" to add, remove, or edit your questions.

The left-hand side will show the data fields and type of information that you want to gather. The right-hand side will show you a preview of how the questions will be displayed (aka what actually shows up on the form to your applicants).

To rename a question, simply hover over the field name and click the pencil icon.

Then you can change how a question is shown to applicants and specify whether it should be marked as required or not.

πŸ“Œ Important: Please do not combine "First Name" and "Last Name" into one question (i.e. "What's your full name?"), as the data will not pull in properly. Similarly, when asking for social handles, you'll want to use our default fields for each social media channel instead of asking "What's your social handle?".

How to Add Custom Fields

1. Under Form, select "See all fields".

2. Then, click "Create New Field".

3. Enter a name for your field and a field type.

How to Delete a Custom Field

1. Go to your Members list and click the gear icon in the top right of your screen.

2. Hover over the custom field and click "Edit", then click "Remove Field".

It's not possible to change the field type in order to maintain data integrity. If you need to create a new field type, we recommend deleting that field and creating a new one.

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