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Creator Search Overview

How to use our Creator Search, why we built this tool, and best practices

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What is Creator Search?

Our Creator Search tool allows you to discover and invite creators and influencers to join your campaigns and grow your brand community.

How do I use this feature?

Easily source creators and influencers by conducting searches based on:

  • Keywords

    • Search for any word or phrase to find creators who mention this keyword in their bio, post captions, comments, and more

  • Username

    • Search for individual creators based on their username

  • Hashtags

    • Search for common hashtags in your industry

  • Image Search

    • Find creators who post content with a similar subject matter, lighting, composition, and more

  • Filters

    • Refine your search based on reach and engagement filters, creator demographics, audience demographics, and more!

Prior to inviting creators, you will be able to vet them using our social profile integration, which gives you access to data on the creator's profile, such as engagement, following, audience demographics, and more!

To toggle between their other social networks, click the drop-down arrow in the top right next to their handle.

Invite System

You can directly invite creators to your project and easily see whether the creator has already been invited or joined one of your projects.

Bulk Invite

Send bulk invites using List View and we will automatically disable the checkbox for creators who have already been invited or joined a campaign to prevent duplicate invites.

Email Picker

Easily pick the email that you want to send invites from by toggling between accounts.

Instagram Direct Messaging

Eligible brand accounts can use Instagram DM to send invites through the platform.

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens after I send an invite?

After you send an invite, the creator will automatically receive an invite email with the link to your application page so they can apply. Once a prospect fills out your application page form, they will appear in your project under "Applicants", where you will be able to approve or reject them from joining your campaign.

What if there is no email associated with the creator in our database? Can I still send an invite?

In this case, since we only have their Instagram handle, you will be asked to reach out to the creator through Direct Message on Instagram.

Can I customize the invite email?

Absolutely! Please see this article to learn more about customizing your Invite Template.

How does the text search work?

The text search is based on the keyword input by a user and we perform the search against several factors, including the creator’s bio, post captions, comments, etc.

How does the image search work?

You can upload any image from your desktop or the web and our platform will populate creators who post content with similar subject matter, lighting, composition, and more. It's a super fun tool to play around with!

How are "Sample Creators" populated?

We populate sample creators for your campaign based on the most recent Project Image, which can be updated at any time under Project Settings.

Why I am not receiving an accurate location search?

Our search results yield within a 100-mile radius of the city center of your desired search.

What is the Social Profile Audience Data Update timeframe?

The Social Profile Audience data will display 30 days of data for creators who have authorized their Instagram Insights with Aspire.

If it is showing Estimated Data, this will be lifetime data vs 30 days. This will be for all non-authenticated social accounts.

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