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How do I find people to join my campaign?
How do I find people to join my campaign?

This article includes some pro tips on how to discover creators and grow your brand's community on Elevate

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Aspire provides several sourcing approaches to help you find new people to work with and grow your community.

Once you create a new project, click the Find Creators tab to jumpstart your discovery process in 3 simple steps.

But wait... there's more! You can find all your sourcing options by clicking on the Recruit tab in your navigation at the top.

Creator Search

If you want to find influencers to boost your brand awareness, generate content, or identify potential candidates for your ambassador programs, then Aspire can help you with our robust Creator Search with millions of searchable creator accounts.

Mention Listening

Curious who is passionate about your brand and even proactively sharing their love with other people? Connect your brand's Instagram account to Aspire and discover the people who have mentioned your brand on Instagram. Read our support article here to learn more about this feature!


If you have a Shopify or WooCommerce store, simply connect your store to Elevate and we will help you identify the most valuable customers that can become your perfect candidates for your program. Check our support articles for Shopify and WooCommerce that provide some pro tips for sourcing these people!

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