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How to create an application page

This article explains how to create a custom application page to recruit people to join your campaign

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What is an Application Page?

Aspire allows you to create a custom, branded application page to recruit people to join your project. This application page will not only represent your brand and introduce your campaign, but it also collects the must-have information you’ll need to vet applicants. Make it exciting and attractive to applicants to build your collaboration team.

Watch the video below to learn how or keep scrolling for written directions!

How to Create an Application Page

  1. Once you create a new project, go to the Find Creators tab, where your first step is to create an Application Page. Click Create to get started.

    📣Pro Tip: There are other ways to get to the application page settings:

    The 2nd option is, Click into the project and click the drop-down menu on the right-hand side that says "Quicklinks" > then, click on Application Page.

    In the 3rd option, you can hover over the project on the Home page and click on the gears icon on the bottom left-hand side of the project.

  2. Choose between the Quick Template, the Customizable Template, or a duplicate from an existing application page from another project:

    • Quick Template: This template is a simply and easy to view application page that has less requirements. The new application page now only requires 1 hero image and logo and 2 text fields. It also has standardized compensation and availability sections where you can choose from an array of options.

    • Customizable Template: This template allows you to really focus on the look and feel of the application page. This provides the opportunity to add more images and customized text fields.

    • Duplicate Template: Assists in making minor edits to an already existing page so you don't have to start from scratch. Helpful if you already have logos for your brand set up.

  3. Fill out the following sections to create and customize your application page.

    • Painter’s Palette Icon: This is where you can edit the overall look and feel of your application page, from changing the colors and fonts, to uploading your favicon and brand logo.

    • Intro: This is a brief introduction of your brand, what you do, and what your mission is.

    • About: This is where you’ll provide a brief description of your project and upload images to represent your brand.

    • Perks: This is where you’ll highlight the benefits and compensation that creators will receive if they partner with you.

    • Persona: This is where you’ll list out the characteristics you are looking for in a creator. (Only on Customizable Template)

    • Form: This is the form that creators will be filling out to provide you with their information, so make sure you only ask for the details you actually need.

    📣 Pro tip: You can hide certain application page sections if you think they may be irrelevant to your campaign by toggling off “Show Section”. (Only for the Customized Template)

    If you marked this project as "unpaid" in your Project Settings, you can customize the checkbox label and description for the unpaid indicator by going to your Form and scrolling to the bottom.

  4. Once everything looks good, click "Save and View Live" to save your changes. This will create a live URL, but it won't be visible to anybody until you share the link, send an invite, or publish your project to our Marketplace.

  5. Once your application page is complete, you can submit it to our Creator Marketplace to generate more inbound interest. Check out this article to learn how!

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