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Application Page FAQs

Common questions about designing your application page

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What can I customize on the application page?

Our self-serve application page tool allows you to customize:

  • Landing page URL

  • Favicon, Logo, hero image, brand images for About, cover image for Persona

  • Page color

  • Headline, Body Text, CTA styling (font color, font family, font size, and button color)

  • Descriptions for each section

  • Bullet style

  • Show and hide sections

  • Survey form questions

  • Application Form Submission Button Label

  • Section Headers

2. What is the difference between the "Quick Template" and the "Customizable Template"

We offer 2 different application page templates for you to use for your projects. Here is a breakdown of the 2 templates:

Quick Template:

This template is a simply and easy to view application page that has less requirements. The new application page now only requires 1 hero image and logo and 2 text fields. It also has standardized compensation and availability sections where you can choose from an array of options.

Customizable Template:

This template allows you to really focus on the look and feel of the application page. This provides the opportunity to add more images and ability to add more customized texts in each section.

3. Can I rename the questions used for a form and specify whether they should be optional or required?

Yes! Simply hover over the field name and click the pencil icon, then you will be able to rename how a question is shown to applicants and specify whether it should be marked as required or not.

πŸ“Œ Important: Please do not combine "First Name" and "Last Name" into one question (i.e. "what's your full name?"), as the data will not pull in properly. Similarly, when asking for social handles, you'll want to use our default fields for each social media channel instead of asking "What's your social handle?".

4. Will I lose all the edits if I don't click the Save and View Live button?

All the edits will remain in your current session when you switch back and forth between different sections (i.e. from Intro to About). However, to save the edits permanently, you'll need to click the Save and View button. Once you refresh or leave the page, any unsaved changes will be lost.

5. Can I duplicate the application page I created or transfer it to another project?

Yes! Please see this article for further instructions.

6. Can I embed the survey form on other pages I own and collect information? (i.e. official brand website)

Absolutely! Simply go to Form > Embed Form, and copy the iframe code for your own channels.

7. Will clicking "Save and View Live" automatically publish my project in the marketplace?

No. To publish your project in Aspire's Creator Marketplace, please view the instructions here.

8. Can an application page be filled out by anyone even creators not on Aspire?

Yes, you can provide the direct URL for the campaign to anyone outside of Aspire and can also add this link to your social platforms to share with followers.

Have a question that wasn't covered here? Please feel free to reach out to [email protected], we'd be glad to help! 😊

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