Meta Business Suite allows you to manage all of your connected accounts across Facebook and Instagram in one place. It offers a variety of tools that makes it easier to manage your business presence for free.

Before you begin:

  • Log into the Facebook account associated with your business

How to connect your Instagram to Facebook Business Suite:

  • Go to Business Suite desktop and make sure you have selected the correct Business Account in the top left dropdown menu.

  • Click Settings from the sidebar on the left.

  • Click Business Assets.

  • Click Add Assets and select Instagram Account.

  • Review and agree to the terms for connecting your Instagram account, then click Claim Instagram Account.

  • A new window will open. Enter your Instagram username and password, and click Log In.

    • If you’re already logged in on Instagram, you can also click "Continue as {username}" if that's the account you want to connect to. Otherwise, click Switch Accounts to log into another account.

  • If Two-Factor Authentication is turned on, Facebook will ask you to enter a security code.

  • Click Confirm.

Once your Instagram has been connected to Facebook Business Suite, please link your Insights by following the steps below:

  • Login to your Aspire profile

  • Go to Social Accounts

  • Under Manage Your Social Accounts, click the Instagram logo under Add Social Accounts (if your IG has already been connected, click Link Insights)

  • Follow the steps necessary to link Instagram Insights

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