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What's new at Aspire: February 2022
What's new at Aspire: February 2022
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Creator Marketplace

Self-publish your own campaign in seconds! No more waiting on our Support team to publish for you

Set specific creator requirements. Source exactly what type of influencers you want by setting eligibility restrictions, such as follower count, engagement rate, and location.

Find Creators Tab

Utilize our new step-by-step discovery workflow to fully source an influencer campaign within 24 hours 🕐

In one single view, you can check off every aspect of the discovery experience from…

  • Crafting your branded landing page to

  • Publishing your campaign in our marketplace to

  • Utilizing robust search functionality to filter by keyword, location, following size, engagement metrics, audience demographics, vertical, or aesthetic.

Our goal is for you to fully staff your next influencer campaign as fast as possible!

Mark Campaign as Unpaid

You can now mark a campaign as “unpaid" under Project Settings to set appropriate expectations. This new feature prevents those creators who have signed up on Aspire only to do paid campaigns from even applying to the campaign in the first place.

Once a campaign is marked as "unpaid", creators will then be required to check a box acknowledging that they are applying for an unpaid campaign. See this article for more information.

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