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How to prevent paid creators from applying to unpaid projects
How to prevent paid creators from applying to unpaid projects

Preventing creators from applying to your product-only campaign if they are looking for paid opportunities

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Written by Christine Santiago
Updated over a week ago

Brands now have the ability to mark a campaign as “unpaid"! This new feature prevents those creators who have signed up on Aspire only to do paid campaigns from even applying to the campaign in the first place. (Please note that "unpaid" means no commission or payment for any posts at all.)

Once a campaign is marked as "unpaid", creators will then be required to click a checkbox on the application page as well as acknowledging and accepting that they are applying for an unpaid campaign.

This saves time for both brands and creators and eliminates the exchange where a creator applies for a campaign expecting payment and the brand has to explain that they are not offering paid opportunities at this time. If you'd like to mark your campaign as "unpaid," please follow the steps below!

Here's how to mark your campaign as "unpaid":

1. Head into the Project that you wish to mark as "unpaid"

2. Click the gear icon to head into the "Project Details" section

3. Scroll down until you see "Mark as unpaid offer" and put a checkmark in the box

4. Click Save!

You've now marked your campaign as "unpaid" and will no longer have creators applying to your campaign who are looking for paid opportunities!

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