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Advertiser Access FAQs for Brands
Advertiser Access FAQs for Brands

How to work with creators for advertising partnerships

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What is the Brand Access Manager feature and what does it do?

Our Brand Access Manager tool allows you to request advertiser access for a creator's social accounts directly in the collaboration terms. From there, Aspire will automatically grant advertiser access for the creator's social accounts directly to your Facebook Business Manager, giving you full control of media buying.

How do I request advertiser access from creators?

With Brand Access Manager, you can request for access directly in the collaboration terms.
Check the box under the "Advertiser Access" section to indicate to the creator that the collaboration requires access to their social accounts. Select which Instagram and Facebook accounts you want access to and set a start date and end date for your access. Aspire will automatically grant access on the start date and revoke access on the end date.

I'm not seeing the creator's social accounts in my Facebook Business Manager and it's the start date of their access term. Why is this happening?

  • You must be an admin on your Facebook Business Manager account to see the creator's Pages and to assign advertising permissions to members of your team.

  • Check the collaboration tool to ensure the creator has authorized their accounts with Aspire. Creators must authorize their accounts so we can automatically grant you access.

  • If you only requested access to a creator's Instagram account, you will only see their Facebook Page. Access to Instagram accounts is granted through the connected Facebook Page and you will be able to see the Instagram account when creating ads in Ads Manager.

I'm not able to access the creator's Instagram account from their Facebook Page to boost their posts.

If you are seeing a prompt to log in to Instagram when you're trying to boost posts, it means the creator has an Instagram Creator Account. You cannot boosts posts on Instagram with Instagram Creator accounts.

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