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Aspire Glossary of Terms

A short guide to frequently used keywords and terms

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Looking to get up to speed on some Aspire terminology? Below is a list of the common terms you'll find within the platform.

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A - C

Application Page

This a page where members can learn about your brand, see what your project is all about, provide you with relevant data, and apply to your project.


An easy-to-understand guide between you and a member. Briefs include your content guidelines, due dates, compensation, as well as content usage rights.

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Content Guidelines

Creative guardrails that ensure you are getting back the content you asked for, including talking points, caption guidelines, and posting instructions.

Custom Field

Custom fields enable you to modify your application page form and member profiles so you can collect and organize the exact information you need.


A person that has purchased your product or signed up for your service.

D - G


Filters allow you to select a smaller portion of your members and use that subset for viewing or analysis.

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Groups are created in order to organize your member database and "group" members together based on common interests, similarities, campaigns, etc. You can create a group for anything you want!

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H - P


The Aspire Creator Marketplace is a network of influencers and content creators who have signed up to Aspire and are looking for collaborations with brands. You can list your campaign in our Marketplace to start receiving inbound applications.


Your members are anyone in your Aspire database. They can be influencers, content creators, customers, affiliates - you name it!


Think of projects as campaigns. Each project will have its own customizable workflow, branded application page, and content guidelines.

Q - Z


Tags are a handy tool that allow you to label creators in any way you see fit. You can tag your top performers, TikTok ambassadors, or creators who only want to work on paid opportunities - just to name a few.

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Team Member

Another member within your organization that helps you manage your influencer marketing program.


The pipeline each member will travel through during your collaboration (aka stages of your project).

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