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Automate Your Communications

Learn how to create saved email templates to automate your influencer communications

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Say goodbye to copy & paste!

Saved message templates allow you to create templates that can be easily retrieved and sent out to your members while composing messages. Saved templates...

  • Optimize sending needed information to members at scale.

  • Save time when it comes to drafting emails with similar responses.

  • Allow you to address common questions from your members in a few seconds.

  1. To access your saved templates, go ahead and hover over your icon in the upper right corner and click on Workspace Settings.

  2. Once here, click on Message Templates. You'll see all of your templates here!

  3. To create a new template, click on Create new template on the top right corner.

  4. As you're editing your message, you'll see that there are different icons below to choose from.

    1. Personalization - If you want to automatically pull in certain details, this feature will populate those for you.

    2. Hyperlink - You will be able to reference a link in the template.

    3. Number & Bullet Formatting

    4. Word Formatting

  5. Once your message is ready, hit on Save!

  6. Your message template is ready to go and you can now use it to send emails to your members.

    Note: Every time that you create a project, an invite template will automatically be created as well.

If you plan on sending a welcome message, this is a great saved template to start with!

Saved email templates can also be used to customize your creator invite templates - a cohesive brand presence and personalized invite go a long way!

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