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How to create content guideline templates for collaboration Terms

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Content guideline templates serve as the backbone to your collaboration briefs for creators, so you'll want to set up a dedicated guideline for each type of content you are hoping to get back - Instagram post, Instagram story, TikTok video, etc.

Content guidelines should include…

  • Talking points - what are key product features/benefits you want them to highlight?

  • Caption guidelines - Do you require them to tag your IG account? Any hashtags you want the creator to use? Anything they MUST mention?

  • Post instructions - Posting time? Exclusivity? How long should the content stay live?

  • Clear do’s and don’ts for photos and videos

Pro tip: The best content guidelines provide clear instructions on what you expect while also allowing influencers creative freedom. Check out some more best practices here.

No need to note any due date, compensations, or usage rights - those will be noted when you send Briefs.

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