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Set Up Sales Tracking

How to set up conversion tracking with promo codes and/or tracking links

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Did you know that 79% of influencer marketing experts say attributing ROI is the most difficult part of measuring influencer success?

Well, we don’t like difficult things, so we made ROI tracking simple.

Sales Tracking is one of the most powerful tools in Aspire, and it’s mission-critical for e-commerce brands looking to scale. There are two ways to measure revenue - affiliate links and Shopify promo codes.

Enable sales tracking to unlock the mystery of ROI with...

  • Reliable Measurement - Track direct sales, conversions, and creator payouts in one view. Easily see creators who drive sales and those who don’t.

  • Scalability - Bulk coupon code & link generation save you days of manual spreadsheet work.

  • Diverse Payout Options - We offer 4 payout or payment structures for affiliate programs.

  • Simple Shopify Integration - Sending out promo codes? No need for a developer to place a conversion pixel. Simply link your Shopify account to Aspire.

  • Comprehensive Tracking - Depending on your platform, we provide the ability to track event conversions (ex: sales, app installs, sign-ups, or anything else you have the ability to track).

How to Create a Link Tracking Offer

Once you've created your Link Tracking offer, click here to learn about the conversion tracking methods we support.

How to Create a Promo Code Offer

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