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Advertiser Access FAQs for Creators
Advertiser Access FAQs for Creators

The Creator Guide to Influencer Allowlisting

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What does it mean when a brand requests 'Influencer Allowlisting' in the collaboration briefs?

When a brand requests advertiser access ("Influencer Allowlisting") as part of their collaboration briefs, it means the brand wants to work with you to promote content through your social accounts on Facebook and Instagram. The brand will specify which accounts they want to use for advertising and the duration of the term for access.

If a brand proposes briefs that include 'Influencer Allowlisting", you have the ability to propose new terms with any changes you'd like to the access terms, just as you would with any other proposal.

Why should I agree to provide Influencer Allowlisting to brands?

If a brand wants to work with you to promote your content through advertising on Facebook and Instagram, treat it as a compliment!

The benefits of brands promoting your content through ads include:

  • Gain exposure to new audiences beyond just your followers

  • Deepen your partnership with brands by driving clicks, sales, and more

  • Opportunity to engage with brands for the long term

How does Aspire grant Influencer Allowlisting to my social accounts to brands?

We securely handle granting and revoking influencer allowlisting on your behalf so you don't need to lift a finger. When you authorize your social accounts with us, we're able to manage these permissions on your behalf.

Influencer Allowlisting will be granted to the brand at the beginning of the start date of the term and automatically revoked at the end of the term. You only need to authorize your accounts with us once and you'll be all set for all influencer whitelisting partnerships on Aspire afterward!

I've already granted influencer allowlisting to brands for previous collaborations. Does the Aspire influencer allowlisting tool affect these?

The Aspire tool will not affect or modify previous advertising relationships with brands.

What are brands able to do with my social accounts when they have influencer whitelisting?

Your trust and security is important to us. When you authorize your accounts for Aspire to manage permissions, we only grant brands with 'Advertiser' level permissions. Brands cannot view your messages, access previous advertising partnerships, create organic posts, or modify your pages in any way. They are only able to create ads or boost posts using your social accounts.

How do I know what the ads being run out of my account look like?

You can view all of the ads that brands are running from your Facebook and Instagram accounts under the "Info & Ads" on your Facebook Page. We recommend you check Info & Ads throughout the access term.

As part of the collaboration briefs, brands are required to gain mutual approval of the content they're going to use for ads. If you notice brands running content (images, videos, captions, etc.) that you have not agreed for them to use, contact [email protected] immediately.

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