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An Overview of Aspire's Creator Marketplace
An Overview of Aspire's Creator Marketplace

This article explains what is Creator Marketplace, how it works and its benefits to brands and creators.

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Aspire created the world’s largest Creator Marketplace to directly connect brands and creators for quicker, seamless influencer discovery. Say goodbye to the time-consuming, manual work of searching for influencers for your campaign!

What is the Creator Marketplace?

The Aspire Creator Marketplace is a network of influencers and content creators who have signed up to Aspire and are looking for collaborations with brands.

Our marketplace is where brands can publish their campaigns and receive proposals from genuine fans, like influencers, ambassadors, and industry experts. It allows high-quality creators to apply directly to campaigns so brands can focus on cultivating authentic, long-term relationships.

How does the Creator Marketplace work?

With access to Aspire’s data-rich search engine, brands and creators can look for partnerships with ease. Our marketplace is free for creators and we never take a percentage of any payments sent to creators.

Brands can self-publish their campaigns immediately in the marketplace and watch hundreds of proposals from influencers roll in. They can set eligibility requirements such as follower count, engagement rate, and location, and be able to sift quickly through creators who fit their campaigns best.

Creators can access the marketplace here and if they meet our platform requirements, they can easily browse through amazing campaigns and directly send applications to brands.

What are the benefits of the Creator Marketplace?

For Brands, the Creator Marketplace brings creators to them with time-saving, automated sourcing.

  1. Scale with precision.

    It’s not about more creators; it’s about the right creators. Brands can access more creators while still establishing eligibility requirements, vetting through filters, and more.

  2. Quickly launch campaigns that convert.

    Brands can pinpoint influencers who specialize in driving conversions.

  3. Activate “always on” inbound interest.

    Allow influencers to raise their hand to work with you, creating a consistent influx of creators wanting to work with you.

  4. Save time.

    Publish your campaign to the marketplace on a Friday afternoon, and come back on Monday morning with a list of high-quality creator applications to review - without any extra searching on your part.

  5. Gather different styles and formats for more well-rounded content.

    Repurpose this influencer-generated content in paid ads that optimize return on ad spend (ROAS) and reduce costs.

For Creators, the marketplace gives them access to a platform for collaborations with great brands.

  1. Streamlined partnerships with brands

    The Creator Marketplace allows creators to send applications to work with their favorite brands, negotiate a fair rate, and get paid quickly. They can also communicate directly with campaign managers.

  2. Connect with brands for FREE

    Our platform is completely free for creators and we never take a pay cut made from creators.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the requirements to join Aspire’s Creator Marketplace?

  1. Account Followers (reach) that must meet the minimum follower campaign set. Our minimum by default for any network, at any campaign, is 1000. Any account with less than that, will not see any campaigns.

  2. Account Engagement (likes, views, comments…). The minimum we have per post is 200 engagements per post on Instagram, 2000 views per video on TikTok, and 500 views per video on YouTube.

  3. If a brand sets a location-specific requirement, this can also impact creators' ability to view their campaigns in the marketplace.

Do creators have access to all campaigns?

Every campaign has eligibility requirements established by the brand when they post their application page live to the marketplace. Creators will only see campaigns they are eligible for.

What are the benefits for creators?

  • Partner with some of their favorite brands

  • Search for new campaigns daily in one spot

  • Earn money, commissions, receive product

  • Zero fees taken

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